George J. Mitchell

Private Papers: Recordings, 1992-.

8 linear feet.
Arranged by media type then chronologically.
Catalog Number: M202.1.3

Recordings, the majority of which document Senator Mitchell's public appearances and activities after his retirement from the Senate in 1995. Includes media interviews and discussions, award ceremonies, and speeches. Most of the recordings that concern Senator Mitchell's involvement in the Nothern Ireland peace process are located in the Northern Ireland Records series, M202.7.3.

Access Restrictions: None.

Container List

  • Box 937
    · Video: 1992 "Cérémonie de remise du Prix Félix Houphouët-Boigny pour la recherché de la Paix 1991 (Paris, 3 février 1992)," French, UNESCO.
    · Video: 1992 "A Decade of Hard Choices: A Retrospective with Fred Friendly," PBS Home Video, 80 min.
    · Video: 1994 Cérémonie de remise du Prix Félix Houphouët-Boigny pour la recherché de la Paix 1993 (Paris, 6 juillet 1994)," French, UNESCO.
    · Video: 1994 "You & Xerox, Diversity at Xerox, Highlights ’94," ZTV.
    · Video: 1995 Jul 21 "Washington Watch with Fred Graham," affirmative action, Waco, death of White House lawyer Vince Foster; Court TV.
    · Video: 1995 Jul 28 "Washington Watch with Fred Graham," death of White House lawyer Vince Foster, Waco, death row; Court TV.
    · Video: 1995 Aug 11 "Washington Watch with Fred Graham," Oklahoma City bombing, EPA & pollution; Court TV.
    · Video: 1995 October "George Mitchell: Bowdoin," Smith Atwood Video Services, 17:00.
    · Video: 1995 "Testimonial from Senator Cohen," re: George Mitchell receiving Bowdoin Prize.
    · Video: 1995[?] "Bowdoin Homecoming Weekend, (Joshua Chamberlain) Museum," sent by David Crowell.
    · Video: 1996 Feb 3 "David Frost," work-in-progress?, tape from camera man: includes testing mic, GJM reading paper for several minutes, etc. Audio is GJM’s earpiece; hear directions etc., chatting about Forbes & Dole and the coming presidential primary; Actual interview concerns N. Ireland after initial report, before all-party negotiations; BBC.
    · Video: 1996 Jul 26 "Burundi at the Brink," CNN International.
    · Video: 1996 Aug 6 "The Week in Politics, Profile: George Mitchell," by Caroline Erskine, PAL format.
  • Box 938
    · Video: 1996 Sept 30 "The Disney Channel and the Elie Wiesel Foundation for Humanity present 'Waging Peace,'" 54:59.
    · Video: 1996 "A Common Thread: P. T. Freeport Indonesia," Diversified Media, PAL format, 00:31:18.
    · Video: 1997 May 6 "Newschannel 13 First," Sen. Mitchell and Tobacco Connection.
    · Video: 1997 May 16 "Eire Society’s 60th Annual Dinner," Ceremony of Eire Society giving gold medal to GJM; amateur video, cuts out in one place; "Tom Clifford’s Ireland on the Move."
    · Video: 1997 [June/July?] "Washington Journal," Irish analysis of recent Irish election, then GJM interview re: "Not for America Alone," recent Irish election, law firm, coming baby; Q & A call-in; C-SPAN.
    · Video: 1997 Aug 4 "News Hour with Jim Lehrer."
    · Video: 1997 Sept "The State of Our Nation’s Youth Survey: Media Coverage of Survey Results," Horatio Alger Association, 00:05:25.
    · Video: 1997 Nov "Baku: The City of Legend" & "Charles de Gaulle in Baku" [amateur historic films by Fuad Akhundov], "Nightline" program on Baku; The Minaret Group, 130 min?.
    · Video: 1997 Dec "Kim Block’s Maine Profiles [Angus King & Toshi Shimada]," News Channel 13, 60 min?.
    · Video: 1997 "Atlanta’s Olympic Glory: A Documentary by Bud Greenspan," PBS Home Video, 3:30:00, 2-tape set.
    · Video: 1997 "Charting the Course: The Next Fifty Years, 1997-2047," Horatio Alger Association.
    · Video: 1997 "Senator George Mitchell, 'Jewish World View,'" Jewish Television Network.
    · Video: 1997 "United Way of Greater Portland 1997 Campaign Video."
    · Video: 1998 May 13 "The Bloomberg Forum interview: Senator George Mitchell, Democrat," 2 copies.
  • Box 939
    · Video: 1998 May 13 "Senator George Mitchell National Press Club 5/13/98," 4 copies.
    · Video: 1998 May 23 "Commencement: Senator George Mitchell and Tommy Makem," University of New Hampshire.
    · Video: 1998 Sept 19 "Vermont Law School 25th Anniversary Dedication Ceremony Speech" (also marked M202 V36).
    · Video: 1998 Nov 5 "The [Fourteenth Annual] American Ireland Fund Dinner."
    · Video: 1998 Dec 18 "Home video," unedited, of GJM and family; RTE (Radio Telefís Éireann).
    · Video: 1998 "The Addis Forum: Trade & Investment in Africa," OR Media Ltd, 32 min.
    · Video: 1998 "Children’s Summit 1998: Advance Sampling of Television Coverage," Disney/UNESCO, 00:05:23.
    · Video: 1998 "Children’s Summit 1998," Disney/UNESCO. 00:06:30, 2 copies.
    · Video: 1998 "Children’s Summit Fund Video," Disney/UNESCO, PAL format, 00:04:58, 2 copies.
    · Video: 1998 "Multiple Chemical Sensibility: How Chemical Exposures May Be Affecting Your Health," Alison Johnson and Richard Startzman, Ciné-Video Productions, 90 min.
  • Box 940
    · Video: 1999 Feb 25 "Foreign Affairs Conference: Breakfast Address, President Boren and George Mitchell," University of Oklahoma.
    · Video: 1999 Mar 9 "Diana: The Paris Crash—A Special Inquiry," Carlton TV, PAL format.
    · Video: 1999 May 9 "The Death of Yugoslavia," BBC2, Brook-Lapping, 179:30.
    · Video: 1999 May 22, "University of Maine: Maine Water Research Institute," University of Maine Creative Services, 00:03:05.
    · Video: 1999 Jun 4, "Class of ’99 Graduation Speeches: George Mitchell and Fordham University," NBC Nightly News, 4 min.
    · Video: 1999 Jun 13 "Dartmouth College Commencement 1999," address given by GJM, 2:17:00.
    · Video: 1999 Jun 16 "The Leader’s Lecture Series: George J. Mitchell," Senate chamber, 2 copies.
    · Video: 1999 Jun 16 "Verleihung: Hessischer Fiedenspreis an George J. Mitchell," PAL format, 75 min.
    · Video: 1999 Jul "Now Is the Time: Remembering Places Left Behind in the New Economy: President Clinton’s New Markets Tour," U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, 00:12:15.
    · Video: 1999 "Cérémonie de remise du Prix Félix Houphouët-Boigny 1998 (Paris, 24 septembre 1999)," French, UNESCO.
    · Video: 1999 Dec 4 "Global Issues...Global Views," Connecticut Forum.
    · Video: 1999 Dec 5 "60 Minutes: Interview with H. E. Andres Pastrana, President of Colombia," CBS News.
    · Video: 1999 Dec 10 "Dirigo: Legacy of Leadership," MPBN.
  • Box 941
    · Video: 1999 "In Retrospect: 1999 Horatio Alger Awards," Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, Inc., 26 min.
    · Video: 2000 May 23 "The Drive for Independence: Senator George Mitchell: A Most Remarkable Life," Southern Maine Agency on Aging, 00:12:20, 2 copies.
    · Video: 2000 Oct 6 "Dedication Ceremony of the Senator George J. Mitchell Center for Environmental and Watershed Research (UMO)," 49 min, 3 copies.
    · Video: 2000 Oct 6 "Mitchell Center Dedication Video," University of Maine Creative Services, 6:28.
    · Video: 2000 "Strength from Unity: The Ireland-Northern Ireland-NCI Cancer Consortium," Matthews Media Group, Inc., Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.
    · Video: 2001 Jun 2 "Bill Green’s Maine," George Mitchell interview only, WCSH-TV 6 Portland.
    · Video: 2001 Jun 5 "Senator George Mitchell National Press Club," C-SPAN/Federal News Service.
    · Video: 2001 Jun "A Tribute to Leon Gorman," L. L. Bean, 23 min.
    · Video: 2001 "Muskie Award: Senator George Mitchell," (Muskie Award for Distinguished Public Service?—no 2001 recipient) testimonials, Catama Film & Video, 14 min.
    · Video: 2001 Dec 12 [?] "Fox and Friends," interview with GJM about UN Security Council’s vote on Iraq.
    · Video: [2001?] Unmarked Fox News VHS—9/11 interview with Mitchell re: bin Laden and prospect of war.
  • Box 942
    · Video: 2002 Jul 10 "Greetings from Grozny promo," "Wide Angle" episode #103, WNET New York, :30.
    · Video: 2002 Jul 22 "Ted Williams: A Celebration of an American Hero," Boston Red Sox/NESN, same as DVD copy.
    · Video: 2002 Aug 22 "Saddam’s Ultimate Solution," "Wide Angle" episode #101, WNET New York, 00:56:46.
    · Video: 2002 Sept 7 "Fox and Friends," GJM interview.
    · Video: 2002 Sept 9 "Soul of India," "Wide Angle," marked "work-in-progress," Thirteen/WNET New York.
    · Video: 2002 Sept 19 "Sen. Mitchell, 'Wide Angle' 9/19/02," GJM interview only, broadcast on PBS, WETA.
    · Video: 2002 Sept "Soul of India," "Wide Angle," Image Group Post, Thirteen/WNET New York, 00:56:46, 2 copies.
    · Video: 2002 Oct 23 "AUSA Annual Meeting 2002: George Catlett Marshall Memorial Dinner," Mitchell’s acceptance speech upon receiving George Marshall Medal, 1:22:38.
    · Video: 2002 "American Red Cross 2002 National Convention, First General Session: A Celebration of Humanity," American Red Cross, 1:26:00.
    · Video: 2002 "Bill Green’s Maine," post-9/11: GJM's opinion on standing of U. S.; military views, coalitions, etc.; WCSH-TV 6 Portland.
    · Video: 2002 "Coming of Age: 21 Years of Integrated Education," BBC, 40 min.
  • Box 943
    · Video: 2002 "Commanding Heights: The Battle for the World Economy," WGBH Boston Video, 6 hours, 3-tape set.
    · Video: 2002 "FAR—Friends for Afghan Reconstruction 2002," City Stages Productions.
    · Video: 2003 Mar 16 "Weekend with Tony Snow," Iraq, how to rebuild trust and peace in the Middle East; Fox.
    · Video: 2003 Mar 17 "Showdown Iraq," UN Weapons inspectors, diplomatic failure, military action; CNN.
    · Video: 2003 Mar 28 "Brian Williams Show," Iraq; CNBC.
    · Video: 2004 Mar 11 "La Guardia Award: Tribute to Senator George J. Mitchell," Zden Films, see m559.
    · Video: 2004 Jul 10 "Bill Green’s Maine: Sen. George Mitchell," episode #2004-14, WCSH-TV 6 Portland, Gannett, Inc.
    · Video: 2004 "207: George Mitchell Interview w/ R. Caldwell," WCSH 6 Portland, Gannett, Inc.
    · Video: 2005 Jun 21 "Washington Journal Interview: Senator Mitchell and Newt Gingrich," UN, anchor: Paul Orgel; C-SPAN, 45 min.
    · Video: 2007 Oct 1 "Bush 41: Senator George Mitchell," NYC.
    · Video: 2007 Oct 1 "Sen. George J. Mitchell Interview: Nursing Home Reform," Betacam SP (same as DVD?).
  • Box 944
    · Video: [n. d.] "Against the Odds, series 2, vol. 101," Wally Amos, Ruth Fertel, Ed McMahon; Horatio Alger Association.
    · Video: [n. d.] "Against the Odds, series 2, vol. 102" Dorothy L. Brown, Thomas L. Harken, Harry A. Merlo; Horatio Alger Association.
    · Video: [n. d.] "The Balashikha Clinic: A Future of Russia Foundation Project."
    · Video: [n. d.] "Children’s Scholarship Fund."
    · Video: [n. d.] "E-Chargers Intruder Instructional Video," Spin-Master Toys, 06:40.
    · Video: [n. d.] "Hannity & Colmes," Iraqi war; Fox News.
    · Video: [n. d.] "Instituto Arrude Botelho: Coral Infanto Juvenil de Paraty Rio de Janeiro," Portuguese.
    · Video: [n. d.] "Irish Memorial," Philadelphia, work-in-progress (?).
    · Video: [n. d.] "Israel and the Arabs, programmes 5 & 6," 01:38:26.
    · Video: [n. d.] "Operation Iraqi Freedom interview," Fox News.
    · Video: [n. d.] "Power and the People: 48 Hours to Crack Crime," Channel 4 Press Office.
    · Video: [n. d.] "Super Structures II: The Grasburg Mine—Gold in the Clouds," PAL format, 00:52:17.
    · Video: [n. d.] Unknown tape, Betacam SP.
  • Box 945
    · Video: [n. d.] "Wheeler on America Film 1: 'Lyndon Johnson’s War' and Film 2: 'A Great Society,'" BBC.
    · Video: [n. d.] "Wheeler on America Film 3: 'America’s Long March' and Film 4: 'Drugs and Punishment,'" BBC.
    · Video: [n. d.] Program on Lyndon B. Johnson and the Steel Industry in 1968, labeled "Wheeler on America: Film 5-“Ronald Reagan’s Legacy," BBC; original program possibly taped-over.
    · DVD: 1998 "Senator George Mitchell Video Retrospective: Speeches, Part 2."
    · DVD: 2002 Jul 22 "Ted Williams: A Celebration of an American Hero," Boston Red Sox/NESN, same as VHS copy.
    · DVD: 2005 Oct 20 "America’s Role in the World in the 21st Century," GJM Lecture, Marbury Institute: Vacketta-DLA Piper Lecture Series.
    · DVD: 2006 Apr 25 "207: Leading Steroids Investigation," WCSH-TV 6 Portland.
    · DVD: 2006 Apr "George Mitchel [sic]," interview on "207," WCSH-TV 6 Portland, Gannett, Inc.
    · DVD: 2006 Nov "207: George Mitchell," Gannett, Inc.
    · DVD: 2007 Oct 1 "Nursing Home Reform: George Mitchell Interview," The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation.
    · DVD: 2007 Dec 7 "Maine Watch with Jennifer Rooks: Program #2313, George Mitchell," MPBN.
    · DVD: 2007 Dec 13 "Independent Investigation into the Illegal Use of Steroids and Other Performance Enhancing Substances by Players in Major League Baseball: Senator Mitchell’s 12.13.07 Press Conference and Post-Press Conference Interviews," DLA Piper/NPR News.
    · DVD: 2007 Dec 16 "Fox News Sunday," GJM interview on steroids in baseball, Fox.
    · DVD: 2007 Dec 20 "The Mitchell Report: Media Interviews," DLA Piper.
    · DVD: 2007 Dec 20 "The Mitchell Report: Press Conference," DLA Piper, ESPN Broadcast, 54:04.
    · DVD: 2007 Dec 20, "American Celtic Ball 2007," honoree GJM.
    · DVD: 2007 "Bill Clinton on George Mitchell," VideoArt Productions for the International Crisis Group, 00:03:02.
    · DVD: 2008 Jan 9 "Panel Discussion on MLB Steroids: Charles Scheeler, Mark Muedeking, and John Clarke (Washington)," The Marbury Institute Wise Men/Wise Women Series, DLA Piper.
    · DVD: 2008 Jan 23 "Conversations with Michael Eisner: Mitchell/Lucci/Immelt," CNBC.
    · DVD: 2008 Jan "Independent Investigation into the Illegal Use of Steroids and Other Performance Enhancing Substances by Players in Major League Baseball," interview w/ Roger Clemens on "60 Minutes" (CBS) and interview with his legal counsel, Rusty Hardin, on "Outside the Lines" (ESPN).
    · DVD: 2008 Apr 11 "3T’s Dinner, Dublin Castle: The 3T’s: Turn the Tide of Suicide."
    · DVD: 2008 Oct 25 "U. S. Foreign Policy in the Modern World," speech given at Commonwealth Club of California, C-SPAN.
    · DVD: 2008 Oct "207: George Mitchell," two chapters, Gannett, Inc.
    · DVD: 2008 Dec 10 "The National Press Club 25 Great Public Servants Honoree Video," The Council for Excellence in Government, 25th Anniversary, 15 min (GJM at 11:50).
    · DVD: 2008 "207" interview with Rob Caldwell re: "Time’s 100 Most Influential People"; Gannett, Inc.
    · DVD: [n. d.] "Nursing Home Reform: Then and Now," The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, 2 copies.
    · DVD: [n. d.] "Senator George J. Mitchell Speech," The American Ireland Fund, 27th Annual Boston Gala Dinner.
    · Cassette: 1998 Aug 1, "Aspen Institute Summer Benefit."
    · CD: 2007 Jun 21 "Bloomberg on the Ball: George Mitchell," Bloomberg Radio. Audio only.
    · CD: 2008 Aug 20 "Brian Lehrer Show" interview with GJM, WNYC Radio.
    · CD: [n. d.] "God Star," King Om, inscribed "To Sen. George Mitchell from King Om."
    · Cassette: [n. d.] "Extension 720: Senator George Mitchell," hosted by Milt Rosenberg, Radio 720, labeled "6/9."
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