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Maine History

Besides the Maine Imprints collection, small collections of state and local history, about 120 titles in all, are maintained to supplement the general holdings of the Library.

In addition, boxes of uncataloged material about Brunswick and the communities around it contain ephemeral material about the churches, commerce, schools, social life and customs, societies, etc., arranged by topic. The Brunswick material measures 1.5 linear feet; Bath 0.25; and Freeport, Harpswell, Topsham, and Yarmouth, 0.25.

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Other holdings:

U. S. Northeast Boundary Collection
Twenty-six state and federal documents on the issue, 1826-1840, bound in one volume, as well as twelve other pamphlets concerning it. The Charles Stewart Daveis Papers (M44) and the Samuel E. Smith Papers also contain information on this topic.

The "Maine Law" Collection on Prohibition
Approximately twenty-six pamphlets, articles, etc., pertaining to the prohibition law enacted in 1851 by Gov. John Hubbard. Additional information may be found in the Hubbard Papers (M95).

Maine Collection
    Pamphlets, periodicals, newspapers, programs, brochures, announcements, and clippings related to the state of Maine, but not part of the Maine Imprints collection.
    Sermons, fiction, and other writings of Maine authors or set in Maine, but not part of the College Collection or the Maine Imprints collection.
    Material pertaining to the state as a whole is filed by topics: business and industry; churches and religion; education and the arts; history; law; libraries; medicine; natural history; politics and government; recreation; social, fraternal, and other organizations; temperance; and veterans. Material relating to individual counties and to cities and towns within them is filed separately by numbers assigned to them. Writings by Maine authors or set in Maine are filed alphabetically by the author's name at the end of the collection volumes.

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