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Government and Politics

More than 150 works on government and political science are among the department's rare books, as are 366 titles in the James Bowdoin Collection, and 76 volumes from Harold Hitz Burton.

A sampling:



Thomas Hobbes
De Corpore Politico, 1650; A Letter about Liberty and Necessity, 1676; and Leviathan, 1651

Edmund Burke
An Account of the European Settlements in America, 1758; and Reflections on the Revolution in France, 1790 and 1791; works, 1st American edition, 1806-07

Thomas Jefferson
Notes on the State of Virginia, 1801, and A Summary of the Rights of British America, 1774

The Federalist: A Collection of Essays ...
1st complete edition, 1788

Jean Jacques Rousseau
Treatise on the Social Compact, 1764, and works, 1774, 1780-82, and 1793

Immanuel Kant

Harold Hitz Burton Collection
Seventy-six volumes from the library of Supreme Court associate Justice Harold Hitz Burton (Bowd. 1909); these are complemented by a small collection of his papers

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