July 4, 1863

7-4 SheaRectoGettysburg

Dear Father and Mother Brother and Sisters

I will write a few lines to you This being the last that I ever shall write I was wounded with a mimie ball the second day of July in the left Brest but I die like a hero [inkblot] that I have done my duty in defence of my country It is a glorious death to die Most all of our Co is killed or wounded it was a hard fought Battle but our men are victorious their was been no fighting to day tell the folks that I dies a glorious Death

I must close Good by now and forever

Weep not for me, S B Shea





7-4 SheaVerso[verso]

Gettysburg July 10 /63

Mr Shea This letter you Son rote it was the last he ever had the privilage to tell you he fell Your Son don his whole duty to his God and his cuntry and he diede with his Sences and he did not apear to sufer much He was struck in the left Brest and I think it past through his Lunge He had as good care taken of him as could be expected placd where we are I have done all I could for him and all the rest of our Com but he like some others of our Com, could mot Live with the Best of care he diede the 9th of this month at [illegible] in the evening and was buried this morning He did not say anything about home Poor fellow he has Fought his last Battle died like all true Soldiers. I was wounded the same day he was buy slight. I now am attending on the rest of our company, it is a horred sight to see some of them, we buried poor James Heal this morn with your Son, he likewise died at four yesterday eve he I think did not sense anything he was left of the field for dead, and the fourth day after the fight I reconised him and tried to bring him too but failed he never tasted anything for eight days I tried to get some down but could not and he died the eight day after the fight our Loss is heavy and we all done our duty nobely and our core Saved the Battle So dead Sir I say with your Son if we [illegible] all fall we die like heroes to save our Beloved Country and thank God we have come [illegible]ctorous with great victory.

With respect to you I write this to you to let you know how he diede and we buried him well. Jesse Mitchell Co K 19th Maine Vol

Samuel Beal Shea and Jesse Mitchell to Shea Family [Civil War Miscellany]