January 14, 1863

H’d Q’rs 2nd Divn 2nd Corps
Near Falmouth Va.
Jan 14 1863

We have had intimations of a move but whither or in what force is not known.
There is much semi-disloyalty among both officers & men in the army, caused I think by reading the N. Y. Herald. I wrote two letters last week to the Press. Did you see them? The no. of generals who are proslavery in their sentiment is larger than the no. who are heartily in favor of the Proclamation of Emancipation [Issued 22 September 1862 & 1 January 1863]. There is danger that this division of sentiment may ruin our cause in the North. We need a single-hearted unanimous devotion to the Government in order to receive the blessing of God without which it is vain that we fight. But with the Divine heretofore so mercifully vouch safed to us, your sons, we at least will be found doing our duty.

Charles Henry Howard to his mother [Charles Henry Howard Collection]