October 1, 1863


Reengagement of the great and gifted artist, CAMILLE URSO.

Saturday afternoon and evening and Sunday evening next, Oct. 3 and 4

The Unanimous desire for another opportunity to hear the greatest Lady Violinist of the age, has induced the Manager top comply with the general wish. And to repeat the concerts of last Saturday and Sunday, which were attended with such great success, on the above after noon and evenings, and for the information of the public, and in order to afford ample time and opportunity for all who may desire to hear this charming artist, the Manager would now announce, that he has secured her services for a third series, to take place on the following Saturday and Sunday evenings.

All the attractions of the last Concerts, including M. ARBUCKLE, FR. RUDOLPHSEN, F. ZOHLER, a grand Orchestra, and Gillmore’s full Millitary Band, have been secured for the above entertainments, and the programmes will be made up of such selections, classical and popular, as will afford the greatest amount of pleasure to the largest number of hearers.

Tickets Twenty-five cents

Boston Daily Advertiser, October 1, 1863 [Historic Newspaper Collection]