July 1, 1863

Bought a horse this day for $150—dapple brown color, off fore ankle & rear hind ankle white.  On the move now.  Don’t know where but think we are going to join the forces of Hill & Longstreet and attack Hooker.  The confirmation of a rumor that Grant had been badly whipped before Vicksburg came last night.  Great rejoicing in consequence.  Camped last night about 4 miles from the town of Berlin.  Marched until about 2 o’clock.  Went into action at that time.  Remained until 4 o’clock.  Lost from our battery 1 man killed, … 1 man wounded … 3 horses wounded.  Went to bed at 1 o’clock.

Diary of A.M. Riddle [Civil War Miscellany]

February 22, 1863

Camp near Fredericksburg, Va.

Snowed, still falling.

11 A.M. leave camp for the Picket line, which we reach[at] half past two P.M.  The storm has been the worst we have experienced in the Army, blinding snow, with a strong cold wind.  Our post is six miles from camp & in sight of the residence of Samuel Wallace.  Snow eight inches deep.

Diary of A.M. Riddle [Civil War Miscellany]