August 8, 1863

Moved camp this morning.  Roads very bad.  Worried horses a great deal.  Moved toward Gordonsville near where Camp Wheat was last year.  Think it can not be long before we have another fight.  Hope it will be soon for we need horses & harness.  Also the boys want to get some clothes. On Col. Magruders farm.

Diary of A.M. Riddle [Civil War Miscellany]

July 28, 1863

Camp woke up at 2 ½ o’clock.  Moved at daylight.  Commenced the ascent of the mountain (Fisher Gap, Blue Ridge) at 5 ½ o’clock.  Reached the top of the mountain at 9 ½ o’clock.  Very hard march on horses.  20 days without cover.  (Mem.  6 miles up from Luray valley & 7 miles down opposite side.)  Camped now 5 miles from foot of the mountain & 5 miles from Madison Courthouse.  Dropped 2 horses today.  Rained very hard this evening.

Diary of A.M. Riddle [Civil War Miscellany]

July 26, 1863

On the move by sunrise this morning.  Passed through Mt. Jackson and Newmarket.  Camped about 10 ½ o’clock at the foot of the Massanutten mountain.  Leave at sunrise tomorrow morning to cross the mountain.

Rained very hard last night.  Thought I was well sheltered, but found that I had made my bed across a small ditch which soon filled up and was rather unpleasant to lay[!] in, but I went to sleep & woke up at daylight feeling “right side up with care.”[

Diary of A.M. Riddle [Civil War Miscellany]

July 24, 1863

At 2 ½ o’clock this morning the company was waked up.  Marched on Front Royal road 10 miles.  Took road to right for Middletown.  Marched through Middletown to Strasburg.  Camped 2 miles beyond Strasburg, having marched 24 miles today.  Very hot weather, horses & man[!] very much fatigued.  In the advance today.  Camped at 9 o’clock.  Rested for 3 hours toady, unhitched & unharnessed horses  Changed horses in 4th Caisson 4 times.

Diary of A.M. Riddle [Civil War Miscellany]

July 21, 1863

Aroused at 3 o’clock this morning to hitch up & be ready to move at daylight.  Crossed the Shenandoah Mountains.  Very rapid marching.  Heard about 12 o’clock the Yankees had left and crossed the Potomac.  Kept on until 3 o’clock P.M. when we camped having marched 20 miles.  Horses & men pretty near broke down.

Diary of A.M. Riddle [Civil War Miscellany]

July 16, 1863

Orders to be ready to move at 6 o’clock.  Battery ready.  Left camp at 7 o’clock.  Marched 6 miles to a camp just beyond Darksville.

Richmond papers of the 14th in camp.  Very bad news.  Vicksburg gone, Port Hudson rumored to have fallen.  Very bad spirit manifested by some of the boys who think times look very blue.  I think this should nerve every man to do or die.  Heavy cannonading.

Diary of A.M. Riddle [Civil War Miscellany]

July 13, 1863

Very little skirmishing along the lines.  Raining all the morning.  Think we will not have an attack today.

3 o’clock P.M.  Left [illegible] to report to Major Braxton with 3 Caissons on Williamsport road.  Did not find him until I got on pontoon bridge.  Crossed and went into park about 1 mile from bridge at 11 o’clock.  Raining very hard.  Remained here until daylight.

Diary of A.M. Riddle [Civil War Miscellany]