June 28, 1863

Went in company with bro[ther] Williams to the S[unday] S[chool] at Dr. Sunderland’s. … A good strait forward sermon made a beautiful allusion to death of Adm. Foot.

P.M.  Went to Mt. Pleasant hospital … went thro’ the wards.  Visited the Contraband Camp. … Went around among the col[ore]d folks.  They seemed happy.  Saw a novel funeral, singing, pray, shaking hands, &[c]. …

Diary of Jonathan Edwards Adams [Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection]

June 24, 1863

Wrote home, pack’d box &c., started for F[airfax] S[tation]. Went with Mr. Alexander of PomphretCon[n]. to F[airfax] C[ourthouse] to distribute some boxes for his people.  How grateful the soldiers are!  Distributed many books to Cavalry.

Eve[ning].  Sick men came in from hospitals.  Fed & cared for some 213 men.  Was up all night.  Got the men off at 4 a.m.

All day the sick came in.  We fed & cheer’d & helped.  Had many very good conversations, found the men well disposed & serious.  At 4 p.m. signs of a move.  At six all pack’d.  A grand march forward.  We came to head quarters.  Station was entered by Rebs. During night. … Call’d at Armory Hosp[ital] to see Capt. Mott.  His bro[ther] & sister came in answer to telegraph.  He knew me, smiled, thank’d me again & said he was a sinner & needed X[i.e., Christ].

Diary of Jonathan Edwards Adams [Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection]

June 1, 1863

F[air]fax Station is only a place to land supplies.  The Court House is a small place, but the field is full of camps.  The soldiers were all eager for reading. … The old c[ourt] house is nothing but a shell, a miserable dirty store room.  The church is all stript inside & has been [used] for a stable. … Just out in the woods was where Gen. Kearney was killed.  Heard heavy firing.  Said to be fighting at Snicker’s Gap.

Diary of Jonathan Edwards Adams [Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection]