April 7, 1863

New York No. 4 West 39th St.

My dear friend.

To convince you how utterly impossible it is that my affection for you should diminish even for an instant – I sit down to answer your welcome letter the moment it is read.

You have frightened me by writing that “raids are being made almost daily on both sides.” We have felt so comfortably about you while you were in Washington that I hoped you would stay there until you came home – Oh dear! Don’t get shot!


Friend [illegible name] to Thomas Hubbard [Hubbard Family Papers]


March 17, 1863

New Haven

I am sure, Mr. Hubbard, you will readily excuse my silence when you understand the causes. I think I wrote you that Father and Lillie were sick, Lillie improved temporarily, but Father was quite sick for several weeks, as soon as he was able to [dress?] I went with him to Phila. We had been there only two weeks when we were summoned home by my little Lillie’s death. She had been an invalid for nearly eleven years with Consumption but her death was sudden still. The last wish of her life, she suffered immensely, but throughout she was patient and happy trusting in “Jesus who died for her.” I am only sorry I could not have been with her at the last. We cannot regret her death for it was a blessed release to the little sufferer. […]

Lucy A. Charnley to Thomas H. Hubbard [Hubbard Family Papers]

March 7, 1863

New York

My dear Hubbard.

Yours of the 4th inst. is this moment recd. and I hasten to respond. I am very glad that you like the photographs as a picture, if not as a likeness. I am certain you would think this original a good likeness. […] About all of Mrs. Bridgman’s friends who have seen the picture are very much pleased with it. […]

Don’t imagine New Haven a safe place from Rebel [don] clads, for if they once get into the sound they will make at once for that nest of “fanatics” remembering the “Silliman letter,” and there is nothing to dispute their entrance – I am going there out of patriotism to help defend the city! As you say, it will be a good place to start from for our summer excursions – Our plans so far as developed are to start early in July – after the expiration of the tour of service of the 25th Maine Regt. – for Maine – where we shall be joined by Ben. and Belle Page, and we trust Adjt. Hubbard – and proceed to Moosehead Lake where we propose to have a good time! Further than this our plans are undeveloped. […]

W.H. Bridgman to Thomas Hamlin Hubbard [Hubbard Family Papers]