November 19, 1863

11-19My dear Hubbard,

Yours of the 3rd inst. is just  recd. Three weeks ago tomorrow we left for my home in Ohio and my former home, Chicago. We returned yesterday and right glad are we to be home again although we had a most delightful visit. I met your friend Mr. Geo. W. Parsons in Chicago. He was very glad to hear that you were not going back to the war and he spoke very enthusiastically and complimentary of a former attache of their office.

We were greatly disappointed in your decision not to return to New York. We anticipated your return with great pleasure but although greatly disappointed in your final decision we will not complain but rather love and admire you the more that you can leave house and friends for the cause which needs the support of all – we had though that your patriotism was sufficiently manifested in the service already given by yourself and your heroic brother, but if you deem it your duty to go again all we can say is that you patriotism is worthy of yourself , and may God bless you, watch over you and return you to your home and friends in health and safety. […]

Wm. H. Bridgman to member of the Hubbard Family [Hubbard Family Papers]