August 15, 1863

The 44th Regiment Dramatic Club repeated last evening their pleasant entertainment of Tuesday night.  The performance proceeded more smoothly than on Tuesday night, and the actors showed a considerable amount of dramatic talent, and we hope to see them again before the public.  The “Olio” was very good, and the whole performance admirably considered its purpose—to illustrate the amusements which the Regiment enjoyed while in camp at Newbern.  The Club should feel satisfied with the success that has attended their efforts as it was perhaps more than was to be expected at this season.  The managers deserve great credit for their arduous labors.

Buckley’s Minstrels offer an excellent bill this evening, and lovers of the black art should not fail to be present.  Songs, dances, comic acts, and the burlesque on the opera of Cinderella form altogether a very attractive entertainment.

Professor Harrington performs his wonders of magic and ventriloquism both afternoon and evening at the Museum, and the simple announcement is enough to ensure him good houses.

“Dramatic and Musical,” Boston Daily Advertiser, August 15, 1863, front page [Historic Newspaper Collection]