April 20, 1863


The suns rose clear and went into cloud. As soon as breakfast the auxiliaries were fixed up and the camp cleared out.  Eleven went from in Batteries to the danding. As soon as they started it commenced raining. Rained all day till night – was over to the 5th in forenoon.

 Diary of Henry Hastings Hunt [Henry Hastings Hunt Collection]

March 15, 1863

It was very cold and cloudy this morning, but it moderated in the afternoon and rained in the evening with thunder and lightening. Was due to the 5th in the afternoon, staid with C. until nine o’clock. Reading Bulwer’s “Night and Morning.” Had a call today from the Chaplain of the 104th.

Diary of Henry Hastings Hunt [Henry Hastings Hunt Papers]


March 14, 1863

Camp near Fletchers Chapel Va.

Dear Mother:

[…] They all seemed very glad to see me back, especially Bundy, who said he could not sleep with anyone but me.  He tried a number while I was gone [on furlough].  I was very glad to find the box here. I suppose you have got Henry’s letter in regard to it before this.  I like the contents very much.  The boots, which you thought so clumsy, are just what I wanted, and they fit me very nicely.  I expect they will last more than a year.  And the slippers, which I expected to find perfect flat boats, from what you all said, are the admiration of all who have seen them.  They are exactly the think to wear ’round camp. […]

Charles O. Hunt to his mother [Charles O. Hunt letters and personal recollections

March 13, 1863


Another cold day. Went to the Commissary in the morning, in afternoon went to the 5th. C. came about 4 o’clock, brought me a beautiful bible from mother – country living and city thinking from Mary, a bottle of ketchup from Mrs. Dr. Homer – and a pr. of boots and slippers mat he bought in Washington. Enjoyed his visit much.

Diary of Henry Hastings Hunt [Henry Hastings Hunt Papers]

March 11, 1863


It cleared up this morning.

Went had a call from Seymour in forenoon. Went over to the 5th in the afternoon – all hands at work building their new houses. Stayed til nine o’clock with Brown.  Came back read some in Harper’s. Had cold in head. Took big draught of hot drink and turned in.

Diary of Henry Hastings Hunt [Henry Hastings Hunt Papers]

March 9, 1863

A lovely spring day worthy of the “Sunny South.” Woke this morning to find the sun shining warm the birds singing and the air redolent of spring’s indescribable perfumes. Went over to 6th in the afternoon. Stopped with Bundy. Luitchell came in and sat awhile in the evening. Staid all night with Brandy. He’s sick with cold.

Diary of Henry Hastings Hunt [Henry Hastings Hunt Papers]