July 9, 1863

Hd. qrs. 11th Corps, Boonesboro Gap Md

My dear Major

I received your letter while we were at Gettysburg and feel grateful for it. You know very well how difficult it is to write upon an active Campaign and I have never written so few letters as since we reached Md. and Penna. In fact we never drove business quite so hard before. Day before yesterday we marched about 30 miles. Our Corps is in advance of all. Schurtz Divn. went forward beyond Boonesboro last night to support Buford’s Cavalry which had been fighting all day – The other two Divns. took up position on the sides (west) of the mountain to hold the Gap at all hazards until the other Corps get up […]

Charles Henry Howard and Oliver Otis Howard to Major Eliphalet Whittlesey [Oliver Otis Howard Papers]

March 27, 1863

Hdqrs. 2nd. Divn.
Near Falmouth Va
Mar. 27 1863

My dear Mother,

The last I heard from you was by letter from Rowland which you were at his house for one night.

It is a beautiful day – warm as any day in May. I hear a bird merrily singing. All the staff are away at Gen. Birney’s Divn. attending a hurdle race &c to which we were all invited. Otis is here & as I am Acting Adjutant General I remained behind. Besides I did not care much to go since I did not enjoy the similar celebration of St. Patrick’s day in the Irish Brigade. Too many got drunk and there were some accidents. I would like, however, to take a lively ride in this pure air. I sit at my desk with the door of the tent open –

just returned from dinner. Gen. Hancock was over this forenoon & called on Otis. He says that Gen. Hooker told him that Gen. Howard was to have the 11th Corps (Siegels) but Otis learned at Hd Qrs. yesterday that Gen. Hooker had sent a paper to Washington asking either that Gen. Siegel be ordered back (he is away on leave) or that there be a vacancy declared to which he could appoint the General he wished. He will undoubtedly appoint Otis if Siegel does not come back.

No leaves extend over April 1st now – so I suppose we will move soon after that date. Did you enjoy Otis’ visit? […]

Your affectionate Son,
C.H. Howard
P.S. Major Whittlesey has just this moment arrived – well!!

Charles Henry Howard to his mother, Eliza Gilmore [Charles Henry Howard Collection]