March 17, 1863

New Haven

I am sure, Mr. Hubbard, you will readily excuse my silence when you understand the causes. I think I wrote you that Father and Lillie were sick, Lillie improved temporarily, but Father was quite sick for several weeks, as soon as he was able to [dress?] I went with him to Phila. We had been there only two weeks when we were summoned home by my little Lillie’s death. She had been an invalid for nearly eleven years with Consumption but her death was sudden still. The last wish of her life, she suffered immensely, but throughout she was patient and happy trusting in “Jesus who died for her.” I am only sorry I could not have been with her at the last. We cannot regret her death for it was a blessed release to the little sufferer. […]

Lucy A. Charnley to Thomas H. Hubbard [Hubbard Family Papers]