April 19, 1863

West Point

Dear Father,

Your letter of 12th was received on 15th inst. I received a letter from William on 16th. which was dated on 2d. inst. He had just returned from Jacksonville and was starting for Charleston. I received a paper from him last evening on which he wrote that he had just returned from to Port Royal all safe.

We have been having quite a stirring time today, Gen. McClellen is here. He was serenaded last night by the Corps. We turned out ten minutes after taps, music by the Cadet Band. Several tunes were played when he came to the door, made a short speech. He is stopping at the Hotel. Today at dinner he came into the Mess Hall, walked round to each table and was introduced to the First Classmen, afterwards he shook hands with the whole Corps as each one went out the door. I don’t know how long he will stay here.

[…] I saw a Maine man here a few days ago, Joel Marshall from Buxton. He went to school at Limington to Mr. Emory. Graduated at Brunswick last summer. He is teaching at Poughkeepsie. He is the first Maine man I have seen since I have been here. […]

From Your Aff. Son, Malcolm McArthur

Malcolm McArthur to his father, Arthur McArthur [McArthur Family Papers]

April 10, 1863


Dear Brother Otis

I write you tonight in preference to Frank and Charles to both of whom I believe I owe letters because Guy is here and I know you will wish to hear about him!

He came up last Tues from Bruns. with Ms. Patten. The next day we went to a “sugaring off” at Mr. Titcombs and he had plenty of maple syrup. He went to school one day with Frankie and Otis Sargent and has played with them a good deal. He has worked for me two hours upon different days at 6 cts. per hour piling some dry store novel and shingles. […] Guy wants to get enough to buy a drum but he put 3 ct. in the contribution of the L.S.

[…] We have seen the order for you to change to the 4th Corps. but are entirely ignorant of that command and hardly know whether to congratulate you or not. All western troops lacking in discipline and cleanliness we fear. As I hear of the gathering of these mighty hosts to battle, I feel we need a real fast. I hope we will have the monthly letter. […]

Your Aff. Bro., Rowland

Rowland Howard to his brother, Oliver Otis Howard [Oliver Otis Howard Papers]

March 18, 1863

My dear nephew Guy

Grandmother Gilmore came up last evening and we heard all about you and Grace and Jamie and your Mamma. We have not heard for a long time before and were glad that Jamie has gotten over his cough – that Guy can read in the Bible as well as anybody and that Grace has improved very much. I went to Brunswick after your Papa went back, to see him! But he went the day before. What a good time you must  have had going to meet him!


Your loving uncle, Rowland

Rowland Bailey Howard to Oliver Otis Howard’s son, Guy [Oliver Otis Howard Papers]