November 7, 1863

This book was retaken in the Charge upon the enemies works Nov. 7th.  Lieut. A. M. Riddles who seems by this diary to have been very anxious to meet the Yanks was taken prisoner by a boy belonging to Co. D 5th Maine Reg’t. who found this book and papers in his valise.

The 5th Maine and 121st N[ew] York were to march for N.C. and La.

Diary owned by a succession of soldiers: S.W Croft, Excelsior Brigade USV; A.M Riddle, Louisiana Guard Artillery; C.H. Small, 5th Maine Volunteers [Civil War Miscellany]


March 14, 1863

Camp near Fletchers Chapel Va.

Dear Mother:

[…] They all seemed very glad to see me back, especially Bundy, who said he could not sleep with anyone but me.  He tried a number while I was gone [on furlough].  I was very glad to find the box here. I suppose you have got Henry’s letter in regard to it before this.  I like the contents very much.  The boots, which you thought so clumsy, are just what I wanted, and they fit me very nicely.  I expect they will last more than a year.  And the slippers, which I expected to find perfect flat boats, from what you all said, are the admiration of all who have seen them.  They are exactly the think to wear ’round camp. […]

Charles O. Hunt to his mother [Charles O. Hunt letters and personal recollections