September 28, 1863

Passed the night well last night, doing duty.  Nothing to do, except for myself.  Have been writing today.  At two o’clock ordered out for inspection.  Thought we had got to march.  Many reports are afloat but we know not what to believe.  Letter tonight from Ellen & Prescott.  Papers from Butler.  Fine day.  Our days are delightful for Sept. but our nights are cold, and heavy dews fall.  A walk with the Dr. after supper.  He has promised to look out for me if sick or wounded.  It is a consolation to know there is someone to look out for me.  Felt a little blue this afternoon when I saw men shooting cattle, and thought that we had got to be led out to face muskets.  Letters, papers and the Dr. cheered me.

Diary of Edwin Emery [Edwin Emery Diaries and Memoir]

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