September 24, 1863

Conscripts allotted to the several companies.  I had my choice and took  Co. F, Capt. Perry.  Morrell of the 20th came over to see me.  Had a nice time for half an hour or so.  Pitched tent with Auguste and Leavitt, both conscripts from Aroostook.  Received eight days’ rations.  It made me feel blue to receive them, especially the pork.

Two letters from Louise and a talk with Dick made me feel better.  Dr. Manson, and Lieut. Stevens of the 5th were over here today.  All have been surprised to see me here, but glad.  Commenced to perform duty today.  And now I am fairly in the Army, I pray God to watch over and protect me.  I hope to be kept from temptation.  Many say I must learn to smoke, steal, swear and drink, but I would never have entered this army if I had thought I had got to do any such thing.  May God aid me in my endeavor to do right.  We have warm days here, but cold nights.  There is considerable dew.  No rain yet.  We have slept pretty comfortably, but some time have been a little cold.

Diary of Edwin Emery [Edwin Emery Diaries and Memoir]


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