September 11, 1863

9-11Mackie’s Island.  Slept very well for the first time on the ground.  Found mother’s comforter an excellent article for use.  Reveille 5.  Breakfast 6.  Pork, Potatoes, Coffee. Bread.  A day of loafing.  Found opportunity for reading my testament and prayer.  My chums having no objection I had prayer last night just before retiring.  Am learning the demoralisation of camp life.  Gambling, stealing, card playing, swearing and obscenity are prevalent.  Lost my dipper this noon, and was advised to steal one to pay for it.  Perhaps I shall have to steal, but it shall be my last resort.  Wrote two letters, one home, and one to B–.  Marched to Paymaster’s and received one hundred dollars, my state bounty.  Then ordered on board the Hester which took us to Portland.  Here we took the Lewiston for Long Island, Boston Harbor.  There were ninety of us, perhaps ninety-two, as two escaped or were concealed on board the boat before we arrived at our … destination.  Our quarters were between decks in which we were placed more like animals than men.  We fared no better, if so well, than our neighbors, some sheep.  The officers in command of us were Capt. Illsley of the 15th and Lieut. Green of the 17th.  I left Mackie’s Island with pleasure because I wished to be where I could have something to do.  My day at the Island and my chums will not soon be forgotten.

Diary of Edwin Emery [Edwin Emery Diaries and Memoir]

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