October 29, 1863

New camp.  Moved back into the woods early this morning, and pitched our tents.  Go in with Trick & Farr, Pratt & Frink having been detailed to work on the rail-road.  Noble has been off a week.  Shall be glad when he gets back.  Am more and more disgusted with members of our company than ever.  They are a set of ignoramuses, a few excepted.

We have a fine camping ground.  The men have pitched tents on a ridge in the woods, fronting the east, our rear towards the rail-road.  Line officers in our rear, field in the rear of them, and on a knoll in the extreme rear is the hospital.  This is a beautiful growth, water and wood are convenient, and upon the whole it is the best ground we have had for an encampment.  Reports come today that we are to remain here on the left flank some time, but of course can not tell.  Officers and men hope so at any rate.  A fine day, notwithstanding the appearance of rain last night.  Afternoons cool.  Am writing at the Dr’s.  Have had a good chat with him.  I miss society very much.  Think as much of that now as I did victuals last week when I longed for something besides hard bread & pork.  Now for my quarters to retire after toasting my feet.

Diary of Edwin Emery [Edwin Emery Diaries and Memoir] 

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