October 25, 1863

West Point

Dear Father,

I received your letter of 21st. on 24th inst., Saturday. I think this new arrangement will be a great deal better.

In your Sunday letter you seemed to be pained on account of my getting so many demerits. I am very sorry for there is no danger at all of my being found and the demerits don’t amount to much, it may through me down one or two files in General Standing. I don’t care much about getting my standing by demerits. I hope you will feel easier about my demerits hereafter.

You want me to send my weekly marks. I will send them to you when I can remember them though you can not tell how I am getting along by  them any more than you could if I should send you so many Hebrew letters.

Do you have letters from Charlie often? I wish you would tell me what town he is in, I have forgotten. I will write him as soon as I find out.

There is nothing new here.


Malcolm McArthur to his father, Arthur McArthur [McArthur Family Papers] 

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