October 20, 1863

Camp near Greenwich.  Reveille about three.  Commenced moving at six.  Fell out on a short time when the company commenced double quick.  Heel very sore.

Forded a stream that took the boys to the middle.  I rode over on the  Dr’s horse.  Crossed the rail-road where the rails & sleepers had been torn up by the rebels.  Rebel graves a short distance from where we halted.  Forded another stream.  Attempted to ride over with the  Dr.  With one foot in the stirrup rode over.  Having missed the road, had to ford the stream again.  Got a ride over on an ambulance.  Kept but little with the company.  Passed over the same road we did last Tuesday & Wednesday.  At Greenwich noticed the finest establishment I have seen in Virginia.  Cannot see why we were hurried so.  The manner in which we are marched is unwise, inhuman, and barbarous.  They load and drive us like Jack-mules.  Have the finest camp we have had.  An open smooth field, rails & water convenient for use.  Foggy this morning.  Fair and hot the rest of the day.  Travelled 15 miles today.  Seem to be moving towards the Rappahan[n]ock.  Spelled with 2 n’s also.

Diary of Edwin Emery [Edwin Emery Diaries and Memoir] 

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