October 17, 1863

Camp near Centreville Va

Dear Mother

I have just heard of an opportunity to get a mail out, I have only time to write a word to let you know that we are both well. We have been knocking about for more than a week and had no mails out. I have been writing a long letter to Mary at odds and ends, I shall send it tonight and will tell her to send it to you. I will write again in a few days. We hold a very strong [illegible] and no one anticipates a fight here. So you need not feel worried. It is so dark I cannot see the lines and am writing on my knee. We have not had any mail for over a week. We expect to get one tonight. Ned and George are both well. Tell Mrs. Whittier as they are not going to write.

Charles O. Hunt to his mother [Charles O. Hunt letters and personal recollections]

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