October 10, 1863

Temporary Camp, near Culpepper.  Extra rations came in during the night, so we have quite a load to carry.  Five days’ rations extra, blouse & overcoat.  Commenced a letter to Miss Godding, but had written only a page & a half, when the bugle sounded “pack up,” and we were off.  Left at half past eleven, and marched about three miles to get one from camp,  About two drew up in line of battle.  Heard several guns at a distance, but could not tell whether federal or rebel.  Had no more fears than when in camp.  Pioneers sent out to destroy bridges & obstruct the road.  Extemporized camp tonight.  Spring-bed.  Warm marching, but rained after we halted. Overcast now.  Tent with Noble.

Had talk this morning with little secesh girl.  Could not tell her age.  The family is very poor.  Like most we have seen.

Diary of Edwin Emery [Edwin Emery Diaries and Memoir]

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