November 30, 1863

Bivouac in the open field.  Changed position this morning and dress up behind a hill in support of batteries posted on top.  About eight cannonading commenced, but a few guns only were fired.  One shell past very near the fire around which we were seated.  It made some scattering.  Gens. Meade and French were along the lines and surveyed the enemy’s position.  They occupied, i.e., the rebels, a range of hills extending in an arc of a circle for a long distance, some mile and a half in front of us.  We might have charged across the plain and ravine and taken the rifle pits and redoubts but it would have been done at a great sacrifice of life.  Breast-works thrown up on the hill.  Rails brought.  Very cold and windy, as we sat in the open field and waited for orders to move, to fight, to make ourselves as comfortable as possible.

Diary of Edwin Emery [Edwin Emery Diaries and Memoir] 

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