November 22, 1863

West Point

Dear Father,

I received your letter of the 15th. inst. mailed on 17th. on Thursday, with an interesting letter from Mother enclosed. I wish she would write oftener if she can find time. I will answer her letter soon.

How I wish I could be with you at Thanksgiving. This will be the third Thanksgiving I have spent at West Point. I hope I shall spend the fourth here and the fifth I hope to spend with you in Limington. This will be the first Thanksgiving we ever had here. We shall have no extra dinner, the only difference is no Academic duties and Church in the forenoon.

I want a good dinner and I can not get it with out money you know. Can you let me have some? I should like to have about three dollars ($3.00). I owe Tolman, my roommate, a dollar that I borrowed before going on Furlough which I should like to pay, and besides something to eat. Thanksgiving I want quite a number of little things which I can get at the Sutlers. If you can let me have it, I wish you would send it as soon as possible. I think  I need this money or I certainly would not ask for it.

As soon as I get time I will send my demerits for September.

Your Affectionate Son
Malcolm McArthur

Malcolm McArthur to his father, Arthur McArthur [McArthur Family Papers]

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