November 17, 1863

Camp DeTrobriand.

Engaged in writing today.  Had a call from Dr. H. And Lieut. Stevens.  A pleasant chat.  Also a call from Chaplain Adams of the Maine 5th.  Wish we could have a Chaplain like him..  Understand we are to have a Unitarian Chaplain.  Mr. A. informed me that I have been appointed Sergeant today.  Somehow I don’t want a Sergeant’s position at present, and then again I do.  However, I take what is given me.  If I am appointed, it is unknown to me only as I learn it from Mr. A. “Time will tell” as our old friend Rines used to say.

Received my Sergeant’s warrant tonight from the hand of Lieut. Richards after hearing it announced on dress parade that I was appointed.  My warrant dates from Nov. 1, 1863.  The old men do not like it, nor can I blame them, but they ought not find fault with me, for I am not to blame for receiving any appointment bettering my condition, provided I can perform the duty that must necessarily come with it.  Had chance to express myself to Sergeant Hobbs, since which I have felt better.  Shall endeavor to do my duty in every respect, and ask not whether it is popular with the boys or not.

The sun rose bright and clear this morning, and shortly after passed into a could—at home a cure sign of rain.  It rained a very little about sunrise, since which it has been changeable weather, now fair, now overcast and cloudy.  Hope to keep above the envy manifested by ignoramuses.

Diary of Edwin Emery [Edwin Emery Diaries and Memoir] 

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