May 7, 1863

9Thursday.  Got into line about 6 ½ o’clock passed through Vermillionville (about 24 miles from New Iberia) & to a beautiful grove on the plantation of M. Mouton, father of Gen. Mouton of the rebel army.  Lt. J. & I took dinner in the mansion with Col. J. & his staff, Col. of the 114th, & some other officers—each contributing something for the table—the dishes being found in the house.  The men were allowed to help themselves to sugar, ad libitum, & did help themselves to geese, chickens &c. about as they listed.  Started again at 1 ½ p.m. & marched some seven or eight miles & camped.  Plenty of fresh beef was soon brought in by the hundreds, & frying pans were in great demand, & in constant use till late in the evening.  Lt. J. & self slept on the ground—most of the men pitching their tents.  Many of the men are pretty footsore but I have stood the march well.  The weather has been cool & comfortable.

Diary of Isaac Winslow Case [Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection]

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