May 3, 1863

5Sunday.  Attended Sabbath School at the Methodist church at 9 o’clock.  Only about 20 scholars present.  The teachers all ladies, & no man present but the Superintendant & the preacher.  Just before the close the roll of the School was called, 10 classes & about 50 Scholars’ names on the roll I should judge.  At 10 ½ [a.m.] attended meeting in the same house.  Preaching by the Methodist minister from Rev. 21: 3d & 4th, subject “Heaven.”  The sermon was written & was a very good one.  The Singing was Congregational—hymns—“There is a land of pure delight”, “Jerusalem my glorious home”–& to conclude “Lord dismiss us with they blessing.”  In the Sabbath School as well as the meeting, the Congregation knelt during prayer—think everyone in the School, Scholars & teachers knelt.  Notice was given that there will be preaching every Sabbath—next Sabbath by the Chaplain.

Diary of Isaac Winslow Case [Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection]

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