May 10, 1863

West Point

Dear Father,

Your letter of 3d. was received 6th. inst. You seemed quite troubled about my demerits. I do not know how I happened to have so many. I was just as careful as ever. I think I am getting along very well in demerits. Forty for four months is not many. Four or five in the class have got 99. Don’t be alarmed about my demerits, they are not going to hurt me any. I received a very kind letter from Catharine this week. I should have written to her a long time ago, but I can not get any time to write letters. In about five weeks more I expect to be on my way home, only three weeks to study.

Catharine said you expecting Charlie home a little this summer. What did he say about it? Did he say what he expected to do in Limington?

There is a rumor today that Richmond is taken.

Your Affec. Son, Malcolm McArthur

Malcolm McArthur to his father, Arthur McArthur [McArthur Family Papers]

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