May 1, 1863

5-1My dear little Daisy, I begun a letter to you before the battle, but in the hurry of our moving it was lost. It was night too, so that we could not see much. I am sorry I lost the letter, for it was almost done. There has been a big battle, and we had a great many men killed or wounded. We shall try it again soon, and see if we cannot make those Rebels behave better, and stop their wicked works in trying to spoil our Country, and making us all so unhappy.


I am suddenly ordered to got to the front to take command of our pickets. Mamma will tell you what they are, so good bye once more. Papa

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain to his daughter [Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain Collection]


One thought on “May 1, 1863

  1. Considering the magnitude of Chancellorsville, this letter is such a touching way of conveying it to a dear little child.