March 31, 1863

Hdqrs. 2nd Divn. 2nd Corps
Near Falmouth Va.

Dear Mother,
This is probably the last letter I shall date at these Hd. qrs. The order assigning Otis to the 11th Corps (Siegel’s) temporarily arrived this afternoon and we will take our departure for Brook’s Station tomorrow morning near which is the 11th Corps – about 6 miles to the rear of this place. One of the General of Divisions is the celebrated Carl Shurz orator and warm patriot & it is said a very gentlemanly man. Steinwehr is another and McLean the third.

Your letter came the day I wrote my other, and today another from you arrived just after the order. This contained the photograph which no one here thinks as good as the one I had taken in Philada.

I will notice points to be answered first in your former letter Mar. 22.

You speak of your non-interference with my love-affairs. If all my friends could say the same – much bitterness of feeling would have been dispensed with. As to the two (Mother & daughter) you mentioned – you seem to have imbibed the feelings, if I say not, prejudices, of some other person or persons. And why take the views of any one else in preference to min – if you must judge through another – and cannot see for yourself? I do not like it that you should so prejudge anyone and especially valued friends of mine
I wish you could know them both well but not because I anticipate ever any nearer relationship. They are, however, among the few friends I love and they probably will continue to be dear friends as long as I live.

You speak of some of the young men of Leeds, as though they would shirk the service of their Country. If they do they will live to be ashamed of it. Put the name of John Keene by the side of theirs fifty years hence and mark the contrast.

The wedding in Brooklyn was at the home of the Bride – at Mr. Dwight’s.

I too have a distaste for the newspapers. I would much prefer help make some news which would be worth the reading of my friends at home – and of all lovers of their country.

Gen. Sumner deserves great honor from the people of the United States. He was true as tried steel. Did you see Otis’ order on the death of Gen. S. which was published in some of the papers?

Glad father has invested at Monmouth for me. Wish he would by consultation with Mr. Libbey collect any dividend & interest that is due – put it with the $150 at Savings Bank and procure some Bath Bonds if practicable. I think Capt. Potter would be willing to aid me in the matter and would be likely to know about the Bonds. I shall have some money – say $50 to make up a round number and can send it any time. I must get a new outfit now. Am getting very shabby. Doubt if we move for a week. Had a snow storm last night. Snow all gone tonight. Please write when ascertained how much there is to invest for me –
and whether I can have the Bath Bonds.

Love to all. Your prayers are greatly needed & highly valued by
Your Affectionate Son
C. H. Howard

Charles Henry Howard to his mother, Eliza Gilmore [Charles Henry Howard Collection]

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