March 3, 1863

3-3Tuesday.  This morning at 7 o’clock Gorham H. Gould died at the Reg. Hospital.  He had been there nearly all the time since we arrived here, & had been brought almost to death’s door, but three weeks ago appeared to have taken a new lease of life, and gained rapidly, for a week or more, & I had great hopes of his ultimate recovery.  After a few days, however, he began to fail again, & has gradually wasted away.  He was buried this afternoon not far from Mitchell & York.   Being Officer of the day I was not able to leave to attend his funeral.  Lt. Jerrard has given up today, & this evening has gone into town with strong symptoms of measles.  He will stay at the house where his brother, J. F. Jerrard boards, & will thus be more comfortable than he would be either in quarters or hospital.  We have looked anxiously for the mail today, but for some reason it is kept back.  We are to have a Reg. Inspection tomorrow at 10 A.M.

Diary of Isaac Winslow Case [Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection]


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