March 24, 1863


Spent part of the day in town, waiting to take my place on the Court Martial, but as a case was going on that was commenced yesterday, was not needed today.  Lt. J. went to his late boarding house in town, being unable to stay in camp with safety.  He has a sudden attack of rheumatism which will probably confine him within doors for some time.  The Col. is strongly threatened with measles, so we shall be in a bad condition to march, if ordered away soon.  Neither of the Lieuts. will be able to go at present, but as I feel so much better today, I will not complain.  A mail came today, but there was no letter for me.  May last letter from Pamelia was mailed March 2d. up to which time all had been blessed with health & prosperity.  May I be grateful to our father in heaves for all his mercies.

Diary of Isaac Winslow Case [Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection]

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