March 14, 1863

Camp near Fletchers Chapel Va.

Dear Mother:

[…] They all seemed very glad to see me back, especially Bundy, who said he could not sleep with anyone but me.  He tried a number while I was gone [on furlough].  I was very glad to find the box here. I suppose you have got Henry’s letter in regard to it before this.  I like the contents very much.  The boots, which you thought so clumsy, are just what I wanted, and they fit me very nicely.  I expect they will last more than a year.  And the slippers, which I expected to find perfect flat boats, from what you all said, are the admiration of all who have seen them.  They are exactly the think to wear ’round camp. […]

Charles O. Hunt to his mother [Charles O. Hunt letters and personal recollections

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