March 13, 1863


Another cold day. Went to the Commissary in the morning, in afternoon went to the 5th. C. came about 4 o’clock, brought me a beautiful bible from mother – country living and city thinking from Mary, a bottle of ketchup from Mrs. Dr. Homer – and a pr. of boots and slippers mat he bought in Washington. Enjoyed his visit much.

Diary of Henry Hastings Hunt [Henry Hastings Hunt Papers]

One thought on “March 13, 1863

  1. It’s so easy to overlook little items in these letters — until you stop and think. A bottle of ketchup is something we pick up at the grocery store on any day of the week. But for this soldier, it was a great treat. Unless your relative sent you a bottle of home-made ketchup, you had no ketchup. No doubt he shared it with his mess-mates, much to their delight!