March 12, 1863


This has been an idle week, thus far.  The first of the week we were ordered to pack up all extra clothing, keeping in the knapsacks only great coats, blankets & one pair stockings.  We boxed up the rest of the men’s clothing & stored it, with the officers’ baggage at the Brigade Commissary’s.  Drew shelter tents, one for every two men, one piece to be carried in each knapsack.  We have been waiting orders to march, probably toward Port Hudson.  The hospitals have been cleared to a considerable extent, by sending a large number of the patients to New Orleans.  Day before yesterday (March 10th) Lt. R. started for N.O. with the following men of the Co. who were thought by our surgeons fit candidates for the change: O. Booker, Alb. Brown, S. S. Buzzell, Ellis, Ham, F. Holbrook, C. H. Huston, C. E. & D. Skillin, Badger, Baker & Turner.  Turner met with an accident by the careless handling of a pistol.  It went off & the ball passed through his leg below the knee.  He will not probably be confined very long.   Besides these, Varney, G. F. Davis, & J. M. Wing were sent to N.O. from the Gen. Hospital, making fifteen from Co. H that have gone there, besides Lt.  R.  A few will have to be left in camp when the troops march—probably fifty or more from the Reg. who are too weak to carry the load required but am not quite sick enough to go to the hospital.  The Adjutant is to be left in care of the camp during our absence.  We are ordered (& have been for two days past) to keep two days rations cooked, & in the haversacks.  Have been writing a letter to Pamelia informing her that we are under “marching order,” & shall keep it open till we are ordered to fall in.

Diary of Isaac Winslow Case [Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection]

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