March 10, 1863

Camp Chase, Ohio. Private.

Dear wife:

As Alvin has remained with us till the present I have concluded to drop you another note.  I am still well.  I have been thinking a great deal in regard to the condition of affairs and particularly in reference to your situation residing as you do in the midst of strife and contention. I say now as I have said to you before, that I should be much better satisfied if you and the children were elsewhere.  I know there would be many things unpleasant in breaking up and moving but then it is also true that there are many things unpleasant in your present situation.  We are compelled to deal with matters as they are and not as we wish them to be.  Alvin will be with you in a few days.  You will consult fully with him in reference to what is best.  He is a brother, and whatever you and he may determine upon will meet my approval.  The children ought to be at school.  I may be at home soon or I may not.  I cannot tell.  At  this distance from you I do not feel like I have a right to direct you.

May God bless you and the children.  Your Husband, A. W. Hawkins. (Show this to  Alvin alone)

Captain Ashton William Hawkins to his wife [Mellen Family Papers]


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