June 5, 1863

5Friday.  One of the large rebel guns sent a dozen shells over to our right last evening, but whether they did any harm, I do not know.  Our guns replied but two or three times, very little musketry firing in the night.  This morning there is the usual amount, but no big guns yet.  The weather continues the same day after day—clear & pleasant with a hot sun in the middle of the day.  How the Siege progresses we do not know, as we are confined to a small spot.  We hope, however, that some progress is making[!], & that we shall soon be able to rejoice over the capture of this last stronghold of rebellion in this State.  May God grant us this great favor, & spare life if consistent with his holy will.  At 9 A.M. went out on the breast works in command of half the picket guard, Capt. Crosby having the other half.  Posted the men in the rifle pits, 7 behind the shelters, three or four men on a post.  Each man stands at the breat work an hour & is then relieved by another.  We are perhaps a third of a mile from the rebel breast work, from which an occasional rifle shot comes, but no one has yet been hit.  During the forenoon Gen’ls Banks, Grover & Weitzell came along the line, & inspected the batteries.  Preparations are making for placing more guns or mortars on this part of the works. 

There are now two 30 pnd.Parrott guns & several six pounder brass pieces on the lines occupied by the men of our Regt.  A few shells have been sent over from each today, but none have come from the enemy yet.  This afternoon Gen. Grover has been here again.  Had fresh beef & broth brought in for supper, which was very acceptable after the half rations of meat we have had for the last two days.

While eating supper, the Parrott guns sent some shells into several of the buildings opposite, & set them on fire.  About dark five mortars arrived, each drawn by six horses.  The beds are in a forward state, & if nothing happens they will be sending the shells over within a day or two.  May God prosper the enterprise, & give us speedy victory.  Had a thorough wash this afternoon in a little bayou between the ridges.  The water is clear & runs with quite a current over a bed of white sand & pebbles very like a New England brook.  Lay down near the rifle pits & slept quietly—not a shot being fired in this part of the lines from either side during the night.

Diary of Isaac Winslow Case [Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection]

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