June 4, 1863

2Had a quiet night, very little artillery firing, but about the usual amount of musketry.  Slept well & turned out at sunrise, Breakfast of bread, & a small ration of boiled pork & beef brought in.  Our three days are out this forenoon, but do not know whether we are to be relieved today.  Finished up my letter to Pamelia and sent it by the Chaplain, who is going to the landing this morning.  He saw Capt. Blodget of the 14th Maine yesterday.  He was well, & sent regards home.  The Chaplain has ridden the whole length of our lines, & says there is great activity in mounting guns & mortars, & that there is the utmost confidence felt in regard to the result of the siege.  God grant that we may realize our highest expectations & may be spared to see the old flag waving over these rebel works.  Lt. R. arrived about noon with Edgar Holbrook, Stevens, Baker & Ramsdell, having come in yesterday.  We have now 42 enlisted men present, including Ames, who [illeg. word] back near the cook’s quarters.  Wm. Brown, & Small, we left at Baton Rouge, but presume they will soon be able to come up.  Little artillery firing today, but preparations appear to be making for some soon.  I am to go on picket tomorrow for the first time since we have been here.

Diary of Isaac Winslow Case [Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection]

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