June 30, 1863

35Tuesday.  This morning Sergt. North brought in the muster & pay rolls, having filled up to of them yesterday.  I completed … one for him, & he took the whole back to the Regt. to finish.  Lt. Truworthy  who started on Sunday for Baton Rouge for the last rolls had not returned this morning, & we fear something has befallen him on the way.  10 o’clock.  The “storming party” has just got into line to be reviewed by Genl. Banks.  I do not go out, as I cannot obtain a horse this morning.  The commissary has brought in the balance of the three days rations, & has issued them to the companies, & all appear to be well satisfied with their share.  In afternoon[!] wrote a letter to Pamelia stating how I am situated, & what the “storming party” hope & expect[!] to do.  Carried the letter, with sever other home letters, to Lt. Jerrard, who will forward it if I do not survive this attack.  Also gave him the certificates I made on the 28th about ordnance, ord. stores, & Quartermaster’s property that I am responsible for, so that if I am not alive to settle my co. business, he may be able to do it without loss to my family.  I trust that a kind Providence will spare me to do this business myself, but think it wise to entrust it to someone who will feel interested to have it done correctly.  Lt. Brown went on to the Regt., says it was mustered for payment.  Capt. Wood has gone over this evening.  At dress parade the Capts. Were directed to see that the companies get through with breakfast by 6 o’clock tomorrow.

Diary of Isaac Winslow Case [Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection]

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