June 2, 1863

1Tuesday.  Had some hot coffee & boiled pork & bacon brought in for breakfast about 7 ½ o’clock.  While lying here this morning some bullets have dropped among us within a few feet, one of them just grazing the leg of one of the men, but He who observes the fall of the sparrow has preserved  us—praises to his holy name.  Commenced a pencil letter to Pamelia, describing our situation.  Shall add more when I know more.  The folks at home are ignorant of our whereabouts, & for that reason cannot have the anxiety they otherwise would.  Lord, preserve them all, & give them full trust in thee.  Had salt beef & coffee brought in for dinner, & this P.M. have issued two days rations of bread.  Our guns have been pretty busy this afternoon, but they get no reply.  About dark we moved our position a little as the shells are expected to fly thick & fast tonight.  I put my trust in thee, O God.  Slept quietly, few large guns being fired during the night.  Was waked once by a pretty sharp musketry fire.

Diary of Isaac Winslow Case [Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection]

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