June 15, 1863

Monday.  Thus was passed the most terrible Sabbath of my life.  The dead & wounded lay everywhere, & the stretchers were carrying them all day.  I can form no estimate of the loss, but it must have been very large, several hundred.  Sergeant Allen of Co. “E” was instantly killed on the charge, & several in other companies wounded, but God in mercy spared all my company, for which I desire to render him the highest gratitude of which my heart is capable.  We can account for every man except F. Holbrook, who has not yet come in, but I think he is safe, as he fell out before we reached the most dangerous spot.  Have not paper to record a tenth part of the incidents of the day, but they will live in my memory while I live.  God forbid that we should be called to such another day’s experience.  I think by this time that the hope of carrying the place by a charge is abandoned—at any rate till more suitable place[] for it can be found.  Our Reg’t. behaved well through the day, & Col. Jerrard was as fearless as a man could be, exposing himself continually—no man could have done better.  No officer of the Reg’t. faltered for a moment, or or[!] showed the least disposition to shirk his duty.  Holbrook reached camp about noon unharmed.  Haskell has been sent to Baton Rouge with other wounded.  He is not very badly hurt, I think.  Col. J. was notified this P.M. that he is “under arrest”—supposed to be for disobeying an order to charge over the breastworks yesterday P.M.  Had he made the charge at the time & place, & led it himself, (as he certainly would) I presume every man of us would at this time have been either dead or a prisoner.  Old[!] Regiments had tried it in the morning, & failed, & every one of our Reg’t. officers & men feels that the Col. was right, and not one doubts his courage.  The officers held a meeting, & chose a committee of three (Capts. Case, Bolton & Gilman) to assure Col. J. of the approval of his officers of his course yesterday, & that they will sustain him.

Diary of Isaac Winslow Case [Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection]

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