June 14, 1863

18Sunday.  We then moved by the new road that had been dug by the sappers & miners, the bullets whistling round us all the way.  Were ordered to fix bayonets & charge upon the breastworks—had ravines & ridges to cross all full of brush & timber—almost impossible to crawl up—but after a hard scramble got to the place where the charge was to commence, but by this time four or five Reg’ts. Had got mixed up, & there was so much confusion that it was impossible to form a line (the 22nd was less confused than the other Reg’ts.).  Moved farther to the left to get more out of the way of the sharp-shooters, & got as good a cover as we could.  Here we lay till the middle of the afternoon, the sun beating down terribly, & the bullets constantly whistling over & among us.  While lying here, Corp. A. Haskell was struck in the breast by a bullet, making a flesh would.  Sent him out to the Hospital.  (Boker had been hit previously by a buckshot.). Ivis, Allen also had a slight wound made in a toe.  These were all of Company “H” that were struck, though several escaped as by a miracle.  In [the] middle of [the] P.M. companies “h” & “E” took position in ravines where they were better sheltered, & we lay till about 9 o’clock, when we were ordered back to camp.  The Reg’t. formed out near the bridge on the main road, & moved into camp.  Lay down, & slept soundly till morning.

Diary of Isaac Winslow Case [Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection]

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