July 31, 1863

7-31Friday.  The last day of my birth month signalized by my final happy admission to the Junior class.  I believe I shall indulge in self congratulation after I have brought my record down to that occasion.

But before I relate the manner of my obtaining the ticket I must tell of my grievous disappointment in not getting it at first.  I had been in on Tuesday evening  before Cross and made up on Trigonometry and Surveying, leaving only three books of Geometry which I endeavored to prevail on him to excuse, promising to make up after I had received my ticket.  He assured me that he would do his best, which promise added to Prof. Whittlesey’s left me little doubt on the question and in the evening I devoted myself to the task of sum making in which I distinguished myself.  The following are some of my base attempts.

Why is a fellow smoking a Break of day cigar like a man with the stomach-ache?

Because he has a sick center (6 center).

Why is the same man like a person afflicted with erysipelas in his nose?

For the same reason, having a sick scenter.

What is the State of Massachusetts doing in the highway robbery way[?]

Levying black males/mails.

And many were as bad.  Here are a few elegant verses to Messrs. Cross and Whittlesey.

Here’s to Tutor Cross

Drink him down, &c.

For he never shall be boss, &c.

Here’s to Prof. Whittlesesey

Drink him down

And we hope he takes his vittles easy.

Diary of Horatio Fox [Civil War Miscellany]

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