July 1, 1863

Bought a horse this day for $150—dapple brown color, off fore ankle & rear hind ankle white.  On the move now.  Don’t know where but think we are going to join the forces of Hill & Longstreet and attack Hooker.  The confirmation of a rumor that Grant had been badly whipped before Vicksburg came last night.  Great rejoicing in consequence.  Camped last night about 4 miles from the town of Berlin.  Marched until about 2 o’clock.  Went into action at that time.  Remained until 4 o’clock.  Lost from our battery 1 man killed, … 1 man wounded … 3 horses wounded.  Went to bed at 1 o’clock.

Diary of A.M. Riddle [Civil War Miscellany]

One thought on “July 1, 1863

  1. This is a fantastic letter. He’s not the only one who thinks Grant will be whipped at Vicksburg. The Richmond Dispatch thinks the same thing — and they have done the calculations to prove it:

    “Grant’s force, before the attack upon Vicksburg commenced, was about 60,000 men. He left some 10,000 at Milliken’s Bend to guard his stores which were in warehouses, but chiefly were contained in 140 store-boats or transports. Cutting a road through the swamp to Carthage, and bridging the slews, he marched his army to that point and crossed the Mississippi at Grand Gulf, where he landed with 50,000 effective men.

    “We will suppose his losses before Vicksburg to be 25,000 men.–Now let us see what his reinforcements amount to. We know that they have stripped the Western Department, taking away the troops that garrisoned Columbus, Island No.10, Jackson, Tenn., Bolivar and Corinth, (leaving but a small guard at those places,) amounting to about 5,000. Memphis contains at this time about 2,000 troops, consisting of fragments of regiments negroes and whites.–A portion of the 9th and 23d Abolition army corps has been taken from Kentucky, amounting to about 10,000, and about 10,000 more have been taken from Missouri, making the whole of Grant’s reinforcements some 25,000, which would make up his losses…”