January 4, 1863

Jan. 4th.  The sun rose clear & bright this morning, & the weather has been pleasant all [day], so that the effects of the rain are less evident than I supposed they would be.  The roads become muddy with a little rain, but dry up quickly after the sun comes out.  About breakfast time Mr. Langley came in to inform me that George, his brother, died at half past two o’clock this morning.  I went at once to the Quartermaster & made arrangements for a coffin, & Lieut. Richardson went out to town with two men to dig a grave.  I walked out about 10 o’clock & was so exhausted by the walk that I was obliged to lie down & rest for an hour so two.  After making some arrangements for the burial, I started to return to camp, intended to return to the funeral with the Company.  When near camp I met the Chaplain going out, who offered me his horse to ride, which I accepted with gratitude, for I was nearly beaten out.  Came into camp & got a little tea & some crackers.  The Company, with a portion of Co. G, started for town in advance of me.  I than rode out to the Hospital where we formed a procession & marched to the graveyard, where we lowered our late comrade to his last resting place. Here the Chaplain read appropriate selections of scripture, & offered prayer, when the escort, eight men, fired three volleys over the open grave.  When we marched away, leaving two men to fill the grave.   We marched back to camp where we arrived before sunset, too late for dress parade.  In the evening attended a prayer meeting in the [illegible word] tent.  Today all the patients have been removed from the building that has been used for a Hospital to a large brick house near the State House.

Isaac Winslow Case Diary [Miscellaneous Manuscripts Coll.]

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