January 31, 1863

[Louisiana] Had the monthly Regimental Inspection at 10 o’clock—inspection by the field officers of the Regt., and not “by one of the General’s staff,” as we expected  The men appeared better than on any other occasion of the kind.  In the afternoon the tents 7 grounds were minutely inspected. After this I went down to see our sick men in the Hospital—found them all apparently improving except Gorham Gould.  He had evidently failed since I last saw him—his mind has been wandering at times for a day or two, though he recognizes me & talked quite rationally a part of the time.  He told me what I had never suspected, that he thought he experienced religion when seventeen years old, but of late years he had gone far astray—said he was ashamed of the bad language he had indulged in.  He told me his mother & sister are Christians, & no doubt are praying for him.  I told him I had long prayed for him, that if it was God’s will he might be restored to health, and if not, that he might be prepared for death.  I presented his case at the prayer meeting this evening, asking the brethren to remember him at the throne of grace.  May the Savior manifest himself to him, and if he has ever been a child of God, may he be brought back to the fold from which he has wandered so far, and if he has never been born again may he be led by the Spirit to cast himself wholly on the mercy of God and find true joy and peace in believing.

Diary of Isaac Winslow Case [Miscellaneous Manuscripts Collection]

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