2 thoughts on “January 22, 1863

  1. Very interesting note — about the most historic mud of the nineteenth century!

    Just a question: I was wondering who A.M. Riddle is. I have a spreadsheet of about 300 Bowdoin alumni who served for the Union and 19 who served on the Confederate side. I don’t see the name of A.M. Riddle on either list. Was he indeed a Bowdoin alum — or a faculty member? Or is this a historical notebook from another source, which has come into our collection?


    • A.M. Riddle was neither a Bowdoin alum nor faculty member; his entries cited on this blog come from a diary owned by a succession of soldiers: S.W Croft, Excelsior Brigade USV; A.M Riddle, Louisiana Guard Artillery; C.H. Small, 5th Maine Volunteers and “picked up on the battlefield at raperhanock [sic] Station Nov. 7th 1864 by Sewall C. Smith Co D 5th Maine Vols.” The diary is a part of the Civil War Miscellany Collection (M131).

      According to the National Parks Service’s Soldier and Sailor Database, Albert Mortimer Riddle was in Green’s Company, Louisiana Artillery (Louisiana Guard Battery). His rank in was Sergeant, rank out was Second Lieutenant.